About Me

Hello, I’m Katie Logan, the founder of allaboutyourgarden.com!

As a qualified horticulturist and tree surgeon with over a decade of experience, I’m passionate about caring for and cultivating garden plants. Through years of hands-on experience and study, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge that allows me to apply both theoretical and practical approaches to plant care.

While I have an appreciation for all types of plants, my heart truly belongs to Mediterranean varieties like lavender and herbs. These plants offer not only beautiful flowers and fragrant aromas but also attract pollinators and contribute to a healthy garden ecology.

Before I made gardening my full-time profession, I worked in a garden center cultivating both garden and house plants for sale. During this time, I learned how to ensure each species of plant had the optimal conditions to grow and how to address any problems that came up so that the plants could be displayed at their very best.

I’ve personally owned and cared for all the plants that I feature on allaboutyourgarden.com, both in my own garden and as houseplants. This hands-on experience has given me a wealth of knowledge on not only how to grow plants but also how to revive them if they’re struggling.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles on allaboutyourgarden.com, and I look forward to sharing all of my knowledge with you!


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